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Roulette is one of the most popular games in the casino. The reason for this is its simplicity. Roulette does not require any knowledge or skill. Place a bet that the ball lands wait and see whether you get it or not.

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Outside bets
- Tokens placed outside the layout of numbers on the table
Red-black (1: 1); You can choose whether the balls to stand on red or black box. Green No-0 are not counted.
The higher-lower (1: 1); A bet on numbers less (1-18) or greater (19-36).
Odd and even (1: 1); Will the balls shall end on even or odd number.
One third (dozen) (2: 1); Choose between 3 dozen (12 numbers each). First period covers the numbers (1-12), second dozen (13-24) and third (25-36).
The column (2: 1); Each column consists of 12 numbers. You can choose the first, second or third.
Inside bets
The exact number of (35: 1); The maximum payout, if you select the right number.
Separated bet (two numbers) (17: 1); Cover the number 2 by the chip set on the line that separates them.
Street (three numbers) (11: 1); This bet is placed perpendicular to the line below the selected 3 numbers.
Corner (four numbers) (8: 1); Corner stake will be placed exactly between the desired 4 digits.
Line (6: 1); The line connects the two "streets" and covers 6 numbers.

OVERVIEW opportunity to win at roulette considering the type ROLE









Trećina (tucet)




Točan broj


Odvojen ulog (dva broja)


Ulica (tri broja)


Korner (četiri broja)


Crta (6 brojeva)


There are several variations of roulette, of which the most important are:
American Roulette - the roulette which has 36 numbers and two zeros (0 and 00). Therefore, the advantage of the house 2/38 = 5.26% on all bets. Because of the high priority the house is not recommended to play this roulette, although the online casinos and rarely encountered.
European Roulette - the roulette which has 36 numbers and one zero. The advantage of this house at roulette is 1/37 = 2.7% on all bets.
French Roulette is a European roulette with one special rule, which is that if the ball lands on zero, half the stake is returned to the player. This rule is known as the "La Partage" rule and for him French roulette has a house edge of only 1.35% (0.5 * 1/37 = 1.35).

Blackjack (with us also known as Blackjack) is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and today is probably the most popular game in the casino.

Baccarat is a card game that is played with a standard deck of 52 cards (usually 6 or 8 decks), and the object of the game is to predict which hand will win (the player or the banker). The hand with a value closer to 9 wins.
Maps in Baccarat have a different value than in other games, and is as follows:
  Charts 2-9 are worth that and standing on them ... then 2 is worth 2, 3 worth 3, and so on.
  10, Jack, Queen and King have the value 0
  As has value 1
Particularly interesting is the method of determining the value of the hand at baccarat games. Baccarat is not possible to have a value greater than 9 that. Dvoznamnkastu value, so if a player reaches a value of greater than 9 first figure is simply deleted, and the second digit becomes the value of hands. For example, if a player gets 15, then 1 is deleted, and his hand gets the value of the fifth
Baccarat is a game between the player (Player) and bankers (Banker). The game starts with the player and banker receive two cards, determine the value of their hand, and then on the basis of specific rules determine the further course of the game. These rules are:
  If the player or the banker have a total score 8 or 9 then do not take any extra ticket.
  If a player has a total score of 5 or less then takes another card, and otherwise it stops (do not take the map).
  If a player stops, then the banker takes a card if his score of 5 or less. If a player takes a card, then use the table below at which decides whether the banker takes another card or not.

Slot Games (also known as slot machines, slot machines, slot machines or slot machine games) are the most popular games in the casino. What makes them so interesting is that there are slot games with different themes, so virtually everyone can find a game that he finds attractive. Besides slot machines and have fun sounds, different bonus rounds, free spins, and most importantly the ability to come up with an initial investment achieve big gains. On some slots can even win jackpots of several million.
Slot games function to have 3-5 drums, which spun (spin), and when to stop is determined whether there is a winning combination on a payline. If so, the payment is done according to the pay table by each slot machine and that states how much that pays a winning combination.

Texas Hold'em Bonus is the casino version of the famous Texas Holdem Poker, in which instead of against other players fight against the house (casino). All those who are familiar with the rules of Texas Hold'em poker is very easy to make do and in this game.