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We have established own poker club for visitors Sporterica! If you like to play poker, or want to learn to become a member of our club. We give you a welcome bonus $ 20
If you are tired of long and hard playing tournaments with a large number of players,
If you want to play poker with people you know,
If you want to learn how to play poker,
If you want to welcome bonus $ 20,
If you want for you and your friends create special tournaments at a time when you want,
If you want to tournaments for virtual or real money - JOIN US!

1. If you have not already registered on PokerStars, click on the banner down below and register. Here you can immediately see the possibilities of obtaining various bonuses and playing the free tournaments.
2. Download and install the poker.
3. Run the program, log on to the poker lobby and find the HOME GAMES (top right)
4. Locate the club under the number 737328 or called Športerica, double-click to enter the club.
5th - Click on the 'Join Poker Club'
- Enter the number of my club: 737328
- Insert my area code NLspo154
- Open the main poker lobby, then click on the Home Games tab
- Click the 'Join a Poker Club' button
- Enter my Club ID number: 737328
- Enter my Invitation Code: NLspo154

IF YOU WISH YOU CAN FREE invite their friends and acquaintances to our poker club, is enough to send this text:

You're invited to join my private poker club for online home games.
- If you do not already have, free PokerStars software can be downloaded fromhttp://www.pokerstars.com/hr/?source=psp12968
- Open the main poker lobby and click on the Home Games tab
- Click on the 'Join Poker Club'
- Enter the number of my club: 737328
- Insert my area code NLspo154
That's all! Once your membership application is approved, we will be able to play online Home Games.

And that's not all !!! Free get at least 5 tickets for the tournament whose prize money of at least $ 1,000.00 - BONUS 100% to $ 20 GET WITHIN 24 HOURS!

Everything is very easy to sign up to any betting chose poker room, download the software and after a short installation, start play. Literally all we offer a very good welcome bonuses, as well as high bonuses on your first deposit.u.

Poker kombinacije


Royal Flush


Skala od 10 do Asa u istoj boji odnosno 10, de─Źko, dama, kralj, as u istoj boji.

Straight Flush


Skala s pet karata u istoj boji.

Four of a Kind - POKER


Četri karte s istom vrijednošću. (POKER)

Full House

full house

Kad se pet naja─Źih karata sastoji od trisa i para odnosno od 3
karte iste vrijednosti i 2 karte iste vrijednosti. (FUL)

Flush - Boja


 Pet karata iste boje bez obzira na njihovu vrijednost.

Skala - kenta


Skala se sastoji od bilo kojih pet karata u dvije ili više boja poredanih
po ja─Źini s tim da as mo┼że biti ili najvi─ça ili najmania vrijednost. A-2-3-4-5



Sastoji se od tri karte iste vrijednosti. (TRILING)

Dva para

 dva par

Dva para se sastoje od dva razli─Źita para odnosno od dvije karte iste
 vrijednosti i neke druge dvije karte iste vrijednosti.



Bilo koje dvije karte iste vrijednosti.

High card

high card

Naja─Źa karta. (VISOKA KARTA)



If you play poker for cash and larger amounts then this is certainly a gamble, but if you play the free tournaments, then it's fun. Even free tournaments in addition to qualifying for tournaments with rich prizes offered specific rewards.
Poker is not just a mere game of cards, it is the knowledge and skills and even happiness. Play some free tournament with about 3,000 to 4,000 players, so if you enter in the first 100, then you are with additional training, promising poker player.
If you have achieved this first goal you can apply to tournaments with participation (Buy-In) 0.50 to 1.00 $ which is not an investment but the prize money in these tournaments much higher. The distribution of prizes in tournaments mainly involved the first 50, 60 or more players.
In poker there is an interesting thing, and that is to never lose the bad kata (usually immediately discard them and give up) the good cards you invest chips but in the end it turns out that the opponent had better maps. (MAP YOU NOT wanted to preserve).
About a kind of bluff and investment chips on anything do not think (this is for movies) because someone will always follow from 8 remaining players at the table.
Keep the following basic rules. Play on a good hand (middle or high pair) maps from 10 to Ace, any two cards from 9 to Ace in a row, especially in the same color. If the flop (first three open turtles) have "buy" play on, if you do not wait or cancel. According to open cards on the table it is important to anticipate all possibilities that could have an opponent and then decide to go on or give up.
The real poker player will assess when to throw a pair of kings in the open flop, and when to invest all at one lady, when you're able to the world of poker will be underfoot.
Good luck!