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SPORTSEVENTS(MATCHES/MEETINGS/MATCHESwhich begin soonwith theaverage coefficient in Internet betting).


Here you cansee all themeetingswhich begin soonandin timeto payyour bet.With it you canseethattheaverage exchange rateforbetting onthis event. There is also adisplayof exchange rate changes,anddownsof the course-quotaswhichwill helpin makingdecisionsabout betting ona particularevent. Take, for example, that in atennis matchduring thefallquotaontype1, whiletheodds oftype 2 rises, which meansthat the number ofpaymentsontype1 of thebookmakers.

Ovdje možete vidjeti sve susrete koji uskoro počinju i na vrijeme uplatiti svoju okladu. Uz to možete vidjeti i koji je prosječni tečaj za klađenje na taj događaj. Tu je i prikaz promjena tečajeva, odnosno padovi tečaja - kvote što će vam pomoći u donošenju odluke o klađenju na pojedini događaj. Uzmimo primjer, da je na neki teniski meč u toku pad kvote na tip 1, istodobno kvota na tip 2 raste, a to znači da raste broj uplata na tip 1 u kladionicama.


Bookmaker are the people who determine the coefficient on a particular sporting event. Bookmaker wants to betting, earn the respect of all possible outcomes. To make this possible, the bookies are used two tricks. The first is generally offering lower coefficients of real and the other is overly favoring favorites. Bookmakers have their profit margin, which is several percentage points lower than the actual quota. In the tie encounters eg. Tennis, realistic ratio would both outcomes should be at 2.00. Players in the local bookmakers are well aware that in this case get 1.80-1.80 or 1.85-1.85 maximum. Bookmaker's task, if at all possible, to equalize the amount that bookmakers must pay for any of the possible outcomes of sports events. This would mean that betting would like to receive, for example, € 100,000 payment to the coefficient of 1.30 (payment +30.000 €) and € 40,000 to the coefficient of 3.00 (payment +90.000 €). If this were so, betting order and in one and in the other case earned € 10,000. Because this will always overestimate the betting favorites, or give even further reduced coefficient very probable outcomes, for example. Juventus at home against Napoli. They do this because they want to reduce the amount paid by Juventus in case of victory, and so that a number of players still attract attractive odds on the counter-attack (Napoli wins, draws, x2).



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